Explore the features that set PixaPal apart.

Powerful editing tools

PixaPal offers the tools to create unique designs.
  • Control corner radius for images, videos and shapes
  • Create and edit vector shapes
  • Customize your own gradients
  • Use animated clipping paths to create custom transitions

Give your designs another dimension

PixaPal's timeline tool allows you to turn any design into a video.
  • Slice-and-dice tracks to your desired length
  • Drag-and-drop items between tracks to control z-index
  • Quickly add entrance and exit transitions

Built for sharing

PixaPal makes it easy to work with others - even with our free plan.
  • Share and create folders of designs and assets
  • Create shareable links
  • Set permissions for items you share

Create custom animations

Use PixaPal's keyframe animation tool to create custom transitions, animate user interactions and much more.
  • No complicated UI - animate in just 3 clicks
  • Add custom easing functions to any animation
  • Preview the results in real-time

More designing, less uploading

Have a long video but only need part of it? PixaPal uses new browser technology to trim your video before uploading - saving you time and storage space.

Try PixaPal for free

New users get 1GB of storage, unlimited designs and unlimited exporting.

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